Tips To Select The Best Manager Skills To Include On Your Resume

Common manager skills such as team building, leadership and project management seem to appear on every manager’s resume. It makes sense since you truly do require those standard best manager skills for any leadership role, although recycling all the usual manager skills on your resume isn’t going to make you stand out as a job applicant. The key to developing a resume that stands out is to choose the best manager skills that are most relevant to the specific position you’re applying for.

  1. Pull the Job Description Apart

The 1st thing you require doing before you even start to list relevant best manager skills for your resume is to pull the job description apart. Grab a highlighter and color any hard or soft skill that is mentioned in the job description or implied in the skill section. Look at which ones are highlighted several times and write them all down in case of significance.

Once that is done, look up other people online particularly on platforms such as LinkedIn who have the same or similar jobs to the one you’re applying for. Look at the sort of best manager skills they say they have and which ones they chose to mention as strengths.

Look for the overlap between the two lists; these will be the key manager skills you require listing.

  1. Review the List of Hard and Soft Skills

In addition to the two lists you’ve created, you should also consider t complete list of manager hard and soft skills. Look for any skills that may be relevant to the job description and make certain that you consider both the obvious hard skills and the more subtle soft skills too.

Add any extra skills you feel are relevant to your existing lists.

  1. Research The Company for Best Manager Skills

Before you finalize your list of skills, you should research the company you’re applying to for any subtle clues about the soft qualities they prefer. The best way to do this is to get a good understanding of the company culture. A smaller company that has a casual and relaxed atmosphere will most likely value entrepreneurial skills like self motivation, initiative, issue solving and being adaptive to change. A big company with a more formal culture would give importance to project management, teamwork, leadership and often presentation skills.

  1. Match Your Work Experiences to The Job Description

Once you’ve your core list of best manager skills needed for the particular job you are applying for, then you require matching your best work experiences to those specific manager skills.

Take one manager skill at a time and write down an instance of when you indicated that particular manager skill at work. This will permit you to confidently answer any query they inquire you about that specific manager skill.

Try and make sure that you’ve a work example that indicates each manager skill on your list but if not try to address at least 75 percent of the manager skills inquired for in the job description.

Try and utilize facts and figures wherever you can to support your answers

  1. Add Your Keywords

Once all that hard work is done, the ultimate step is for you to make certain that your key manager skills appear consistently throughout your resume. Most medium and huge size companies use resume screening software to sift through all the resumes they get. You require making sure the robots select your resume. To do this, you must ensure at least 75 percent of your manager skills match those inquired for on the job description and that those skills appear naturally throughout your resume.

The key to selecting the best manager skills to list on your resume is to understand exactly what the interviewer is looking for the particular position you’re applying for. This means the more time you spend getting that right, the more likely you are to select a set of manager skills they actually want to see.


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