Top Three Things to Prepare for Government Job Interviews

Top Three Things to Prepare for Government Job Interviews

Government job interviews are some of the best open positions for employment. If you can find a great government job, you’ll get a pretty nice paycheck, good benefits, and an interviewer that is unlikely to go bankrupt or get bought out (at least, not publicly) for several years.

It is widely considered that government job interviews are vastly different in contrast to standard job interviews. The reality is that they are generally the same. Hiring managers at government jobs inquire mostly the same queries, and are searching for candidates that seem to be the model employee. Although, there are few things that you can do to prepare for government job interviews.

Government Job Interviews Preparation

  • Lay Off the Drugs

For any government job, drug testing is compulsory. If you’ve recently discovered yourself craving a joint, you are going to require refraining; otherwise you’re not going to get the job. No amount of cranberry juice is going to flush your system.

  • Get a Portfolio Ready

Government jobs get a lot of applicants. Few government jobs can get as many as one thousand applicants or more. It is great that you managed to get an interview, but you still require showing the company that you’re ready to take on the role. Government jobs are generally too valuable to leave any doubt. A portfolio of the work can you create is extremely helpful. Some other applicants will take the time to develop a portfolio of relevant work, and you’ll set yourself ahead of the pack.

  • Be Familiar With the Rules of Your Job

Company research is significant for any interview. With government jobs, there are going to be few very specific legal requirements, there is going to be a somewhat set/mandatory salary, and there are going to be other government rules and regulations you should be familiar with. You should also inform yourself on any political figures you might be working for/with. Showing negligence of the government is not going to assist you getting the job.

Follow General Interview Tips

Beyond those some interview tips, government job interviews need similar interview preparation to other types of jobs. Dress code, body language and standard first impression tactics still apply. Your answers to interview queries should still be tailored to the job you’re applying for – all of these remain the same. The mere additional ways to prepare for a job interview is to prepare a portfolio, learn about government jobs, and stay away from drugs. If you do these things, you should simply win the job.

Take Away Interview Tips

  • Develop a Portfolio
  • Follow Basic Interview Tips
  • Understand the Government
  • Do not do Drugs


How Significant is a Handshake at Job Interview?

How Significant is a Handshake at Job Interview?

What Your Handshake at Job Interview Says About You

A good handshake at job interview is an essential part of any job interview. In accordance to researchers at the institute of University of Iowa, a firm handshake can define how the rest of the interview goes, and several make a more strong impression than how you’re dressed or what you look like.

In accordance to the research, if your handshake is weak or awkward, interviewers will start off with a negative impression of your candidacy. If your handshake is firm and confident, interviewers are more prone to finding you a perfect fit.

In other words, while individuals spend hours and hours on interview preparation, some people remember that the handshake is a significant part of the interview, and hence provide a weak handshake that proves possible weaknesses in your character.

What Should You Do?

When you meet someone for the first time, take the initiative to hold out your hand and give them a handshake. Use a firm grip and shake their hand with some decent up and down action. Also, as you’re shaking their hand, look them in the eye, smile, and do not focus on the handshake itself. Instead, focus on introducing yourself to the employer.

Handshakes might not seem significant, but they are part of the non-verbal communication that you display to your employer, and research confirms that a powerful handshake is an indicator of a victorious interview. Shake hands with confidence and do not be afraid to squeeze a little.

Take Away Interview Tips for Handshake at Job Interview

  • Always maintain your eye contact and give a firm grip.
  • Actively shake the hands of those you meet.


How to Manage the Job Interviews Offsite?

How to Manage the Job Interviews Offsite?

Several job interviews these days take place at coffee shops and restaurants rather than in the office. Why has this switch occurred?

  • Employers enjoy the change of atmosphere.
  • Interviewing out of the office is meant to be less stressful.
  • Job interviews offsite should have fewer interruptions.

Although, there is another reason that interviewers interview offsite in places with food and coffee. This closely guarded secret isn’t even known by all hiring managers, but can conveniently play a role in your capability to get the job.

Job Interview Mental Preparation

Job interviews aren’t actually about seeing if you’re qualified for the role. They are more about ignoring mistakes. Your employer will inquire you tough queries like “Why did you leave your last job?” and you require to making certain that you offer a positive answer rather than answering honestly.

Before your employer, you mentally prepare yourself to not give these answers, because you know consciously that these answers will ruin your chances of getting the job. Interviewers, although, need to know your honest answers, because it is in their best interests to know who you truly are as a possible worker.

Enter: Food

When individuals eat – particularly people that really love food – they become relaxed. They become open. They become trusting. Food releases endorphins that can relax even the most nervous of minds and develop a level of comfort that opens your brain up to the world.

Interviewers know this. They know that if you eat, the mental wall that stopped you sharing your true personality with the employer will crumble, and you will be far more willing to share what is truly on your mind.

It might sound funny at first, but inquire a hiring manager that uses this technique and they will inform you that they have interviewed applicants that have displayed:

  • Narcissism
  • Incompetence
  • Racism

… and other negative skills even though the candidates, up until that point, seemed to be the model perfect worker. Food managed to break down their wall, and they conveniently shared secrets of their life that should have been kept inside.

This might not happen to you. You might be capable to keep yourself composed throughout the interview. You might not be the kind of person that is impacted strongly by food. Just be aware throughout any job interviews offsite at a restaurant or coffee shop that your employer is hoping you to be unable to hold back your honesty. Never forget the job interview advice you‘ve learned and do not let food distract you from everything you’ve prepared for the job interview.

Take Away Interview Tips for Job Interviews Offsite

  • Do not Let Food Trick You into Opening Up.
  • Always remember the key Interview Techniques You Learned.


Key Tips on How to Manage Offsite Interviews

Key Tips on How to Manage Offsite Interviews

The corporations these days are gradually becoming more relaxed about how they manage their internal procedures. For instance, at one time it was absolutely significant that you were in the office from 9 to 5. Now, several workers leave early and work remotely so they can spend more time with their puppies. Businesses around the world are beginning to concentrate more on the work itself than the office. One way that interviewers have shown this change is in how they conduct job interviews. Several employers now manage offsite interviews, taking the candidates to a coffee shop or restaurant to get to know them better.

This isn’t limited to entry level jobs. When employers are attempting to get to know a candidate applying for an executive level position, nice dinners are a common place to take prospective applicants. Here are various interview tips for applicants taken to offsite interviews.

How To Manage Offsite Interviews

  • Stay Focused

The most significant thing to remember during your offsite interview is to keep your eyes focused on the employer at all times. It doesn’t matter if you hear someone yelling, see a neat car drive by through the window, or see someone attractive eyeing you from the other side of the café. Your eyes should remain on the employer. If this is difficult for you, you’re not going to get the job.

  • You Will Not Pay, but Bring Money

No matter where your offsite interview takes place, it isn’t your job to pay. Interviewers are supposed to pay anything they need their applicants to attend. Although, it is yet a good idea to come equipped with a little bit of money in the exceedingly rare chance that you require using it. For instance, perhaps you need to pull one of those “Oh I will get this. Oh you need to get it? Are you sure? Well, okay, if you insist” moves. What would happen if in the rarest of rare cases the employer says “Okay, thanks!” and you don’t have the money? Make certain you’ve money just in case to ignore any of that awkwardness. Though if the interviewer makes you pay, you may need to rethink employment in that company.

  • Eat or Drink Cleanly

Your actions can accidentally offer negative impressions to your interviewer. For instance, if you order a messy burger and begin slobbering all over yourself, you’re probably going to make a bad impression. If possible try to order the least messy food, and if you order a coffee, make certain the lid is on tight.

  • Do not Be Shy

Relying on where you’re meeting, you’ll require making sure that your voice is heard. Practice speaking loudly and confidently before your interview and concentrate on projecting your voice so that your voice is heard by the employer.

Use the Similar Interview Tricks

Offsite interviews aren’t that different in contrast to regular interviews. You’re going to be judged the similar way, you’re going to be inquired the same queries, and your experience and presentation are still on trial. Follow the offsite interview tips above to make sure that you’re ready for your job interview.

Take Away Interview Tips for Offsite Interviews

  • Bring Money
  • Stay Focused
  • Speak Loudly
  • Do not Slobber


Top Fifteen Best LinkedIn Profile Tips For Job Seekers

Top Fifteen Best LinkedIn Profile Tips For Job Seekers

If you are searching for a job, you should be on LinkedIn, and if you are on LinkedIn, you’ve to make certain that your profile is ready for potential recruiters and hiring managers. If you’re new to LinkedIn, you might find it useful to have a cheat sheet for understanding how to develop a great, effective profile. This post will let you know about the top fifteen best LinkedIn profile tips for job seekers.

Best LinkedIn Profile Tips cheat Sheet

  1. Develop a professional profile photo. Make it visible.
  2. Be thorough but focused with your LinkedIn profile. Write for the specific job you need.
  3. Add relative keywords. If someone was looking for your skills, what terms would they utilize?
  4. Use the summary space with your most relevant points.
  5. Mention achievements by utilizing key numbers from your past.
  6. Add all of your work experiences…
  7. …Except the least relevant ones. Make certain that every word relates to the job you need.
  8. Take Benefit of all sections, involving volunteer, languages, etc.
  9. Ask connections for suggestions. It is difficult to be shy when you are looking for work.
  10. Keep updated with endorsements. Mention only your best/most relevant.
  11. Share relevant data and thoughts of your industry.
  12. Grow your connections. More people (as long as you genuinely know them) helps.
  13. Promote your current company. Let yourself seem like a worker that loves their company.
  14. Use media. Adding photos or links or videos to your profile page add to your expertise.
  15. Do not look like you’re quitting. Write your profile in stealth and sound positive about your present workplace.

It is all about visibility and the quality of the information. Once you’re happy with your profile, then you require making sure it is working hard for you. These best LinkedIn Profile tips will assist you a lot in creating best profile.

LinkedIn profiles are very similar to resumes, and so every detail you place in the profile should be comprehensive, impressive, and written for the job you are attempting to impress. More is almost always better (unless the data you place in there isn’t relevant), and the more time you spend making certain that your profile is impressive, the more contacts you will get.