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ORIX Leasing Pakistan Limited – OLP is Pakistan’s leading leasing company. A part of ORIX Corporation Japan, OLP offers cost effective value-added products and customized services to a wide array of customers throughout the country. The blend of international experience and local expertise acquired over last 25 years provides OLP a distinctive competitive edge. OLP takes pride in the fact that it has played a major role towards economic development of the country by supporting Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Sector and creating thousands of jobs directly and indirectly. It has helped grow numerous small businesses into medium sized enterprises. Today OLP stands as one of the most prominent Non-Banking Finance Companies in Pakistan with presence all over the country and a large network of individual and corporate customers.

Origin of ORIX

The name "ORIX" stems from a combination of the word "ORIGINAL" signifying creativity, and "X (or infinity)" representing flexibility and diversity. The name signifies our pioneering pursuit of innovation and organic unity of the Group.

Meaning of the Symbol

The multiple lines that run diagonally symbolize group companies, united for a single goal and leaping forward into the future. The sphere on the line represents a globe, signifying a global expansion of the Group.

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