Tips to Make Certain Delegated Projects Are Completed on Time

Tips to Make Certain Delegated Projects Are Completed on Time

That is a nice sentiment, but in today’s workplace few parts of a task arrive right on time while others do not. In fact, it is not that uncommon that a group member will be late with their part of a task. This makes things complicated when others are relying on their work to move forward which then makes it very complex to complete the task on time. Employers need to know that you have few strategies of making sure persons stay relatively on time, preferably something that does not include yelling at them.

Behavioral Interview Query: How do you make sure that the projects you have delegated are completed on time and accurately? Provide me a particular example to elaborate this.

It should come as little shocking that the key here is to have a particular instance that indicates you have a basic check system in place. The particular instance itself is much less significant than the real check procedure. The best leaders take the period to make certain that their staff is well regulated, whilst still believing them to do their job. You are going to have to consider back to something concrete that you did that not merely demonstrates you have a plan, but also does not show a distrust of the group.

Sample Answer

“I need the team to know that I trust them, but I also consider it is very significant to have a way to keep track of what they are accomplishing. So what I do is I make an online survey that is sent to them automatically at the end of each day. It inquires them to rate where they are in the task, list some of the measures they have completed, and give an estimated completion date.

I have discovered that this can help be a motivator since they will need to make certain that they have something to say. I can also check it online, and because it is sent automatically through a program, the group knows I am not sending it to be distrusting – instead, it is normally a part of my procedure. I have found this strategy helps tasks move along very rapidly.”

Whether you have a reply like this that is up to you. But even if your reply is not quite this in depth, try to consider of something you have done. If you really have nothing, provide an instance of what you would like to try in the future, and offer concrete examples that indicate the employer you have a true plan.


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